Superior Farms is known throughout the industry as a leading provider of American lamb. Lamb is trending high in the culinary world as people are swapping out other meats for leaner, nutritious American lamb. It also doesn’t hurt that Superior Farms lamb tastes delicious! Whether you’re looking to stock your freezer with the best products or just want to know how you can get access to the highest quality lamb, this website is for you.

Why Retailers Are Proud To Offer Superior Farms


Superior Farms is a brand that consumers trust. As people have grown more passionate about their food and where it is sourced, Superior Farms has stood out thanks to their commitment to sustainability. This is not a new trend for the brand, but rather something they have been committed to for more than five decades. All lamb products offered by Superior Farms come directly from family owned and operated farms. These farms allow lambs to graze on open pasture lands. Superior Farms also offers lamb with no added hormones or antibiotics. Superior Farms believes in animal care, food quality and enriching the communities where they reside. More information on sustainability can be found at

Lamb Demand

Consumers have shown time and time again that they prefer to purchase products that are locally sourced. Superior Farms sources all their lamb products directly from local American farms. By providing local lamb, retailers can offer a lean, nutritious meat that their customers crave. Lamb is a delicious alternative to chicken and beef products. The lamb provided by Superior Farms is nutrient-rich and all natural. Customers enjoy a quality source of protein, vitamin B12, niacin zinc, and iron. Lamb delivers on all of these attributes. When customers look for meat that is healthier and doesn’t sacrifice flavor, they turn to lamb.



Different cuts of lamb grow in popularity during particular seasons. Certain dishes are synonymous with summer, spring, fall, or winter. This provides great marketing opportunities. Retailers can run specials on loin chops in the summer or legs for spring and Easter feasts. Lamb can also be prepared in so many unique ways in hundreds of different recipes.


Where You Can Find Superior Farms Products?

In addition to local grocery stores across the United States, Superior Farms has developed relationships with some of the top national grocers in America. Check out some of these providers below:

More to Come

Superior Farms is a brand that shows no signs of slowing down. Further expansion will help more people enjoy the delicious flavors of American lamb. Future blog posts will not only provide incredible recipes you just have to try, but also provide information on any new outlets where Superior Farms products will be made available. Be sure to check the blog often for the latest information from Superior Farms.